Fullscreen Creator Platform

Fullscreen empowers a new generation of creators with tools and opportunities to grow their audience.

What problem was I solving?

In collaboration with Jay Stakelon & Nicole Richards

  • User Experience

    Working closely with developers not only helps moral but also helps build a better product. Making sure that every pixel is perfect and that the UX isn't suffering.

  • Visual Design

    Design isn't just visuals anymore nor should it be. It's making sure that things that aren't essential should be removed and that the design and the prototype speaks to that.

  • Prototyping

    From concepts to creating a protoype, it's important to get a feel of how the app is going to function.

What was the solution?


Final designs for a few major screens of the Fullscreen Creator Platform app for iOS

Project Iterations

These are just a few design mockups that were made during the process.


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